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Top Tips For Wedding Table Flowers And On Trend Styles In 2020!

Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Are you looking for some idea's and inspiration for your tables at your chosen venue? I absolutely love how you can really personalise tables and here I share my one major tips when helping couples decide. I would either go for low level arrangements or tall arrangements with displays that you can see through - so clear tall vases would be ideal, with the flower arrangement at the top - this is so guests can see and talk to each other. You don't want the flowers to obstruct their view. You want everything to be visible at seating level - after all, you've spent along time planning this!!

Here are some idea's that are currently very on trend for 2020.

Long banquet tables are very on trend at the moment. These look fabulous with low level arrangements, garland style arrangements with lots of foliage. Nestled within the foliage can be candles (if allowed by the venue), interesting bud vases picture frames.

Wooden blocks with jam jars or multiple bud vases. This type of display is really cost effective and is really beautiful way to decorate a table. Using long singular stems and foliage.

Tall arrangements with metal frames are very popular at the moment. Flowers displayed on the top of them that can cascade down.

Eco weddings arrangements. Make sure you pick a florist that considers the environment in their work. This includes not using floral foam. There are ways around this and your florist will be able to talk you through options.

Foliage displays. Foliage is taking center stage with some arrangements with no need for blooms - it gives a lovely lush natural feel. I for one love it.

Blossom tree's have increased in popularity. On tables and in reception halls. They look fabulous with fairy lights on in the evening too.

Pampas grass has made a huge come back in 2019 - whether is just be a display of natural pampas grass or it dyed different colours. It really does give a fabulous statement look.

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